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The Gathering, 

 Legends Of Earth, 

 King In The Rock

Guitar Betty and Anne, 

 Johnny In Space, 

 Emerald City: A Wolf's Tale,

 To Dream of Pink Unicorns

The Gathering, 

 The Tea Party, 


 The Tygre Family, 


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Lion King 2019

What's the Deal With Bird Box

These Scary Photos Cannot be Explained

The Night The Aliens Checked In

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Rick James & J. Michael Whittington - Co-Owners and Founders

  • After serving 6 years in the Airforce as a jet engine mechanic, now a disabled veteran, Rick begins civilian life as a gospel and jazz DJ on a New York radio station at night and a book keeper for a New York City office in the day. Eventually the station closed and he started doing extra work in a movie called The Bonfire of The Vanities. After a few more film gigs, he wanted to do more, and studied script writing and started writing, but he needed to make an income so that's when he began working below the line. He was employed with major studios in New York and performed many related jobs, but eventually he wanted to direct a film. So he used his G.I. bill and went back to college. He attended film school and now he directs, writes sci-fi and paranormal screenplays and books, edits. produce, and co-started a company called Denver Pictures in Colorado. 

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